Scam Alert for Sale of B. Braun Masks


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Scam Alert for Sale of B. Braun Masks

B. Braun has been made aware that certain individuals are trying to abuse the supply shortage connected to the coronavirus situation and are using our company name to sell fraudulent products and to send fake invoices.

growing number of authenticity requests for fraudulent invoices, offers and e-mails are reaching B. Braun. There are scammers at work using counterfeit invoices and false B. Braun contact information like or Other examples are individuals going by names like Dr. Maax Roberts, who are claiming to be employees of B. Braun Melsungen AG and soliciting the sale of surgical masks. We wish to inform all customers that they are not employees of B. Braun, and are not authorized to sell B. Braun products.

In addition, counterfeit pro forma invoices were sent to our customers.

When this kind of scamming happens, we advise our customers to contact B. Braun directly through our official channels (please use for any questions) to ensure the secure delivery of safe and high-quality B. Braun products.